My First 35 "Michaila"...

Post : 07/12/14 Just noticed Michaila has been sold. I'm very pleased, and hope the new owner gets lots of pleasure from her. She certainly served me well over the years I owned her. Many miles under the keel, and lot's of wonderful memories... If there's anything at all you need to know about the boat email ... David

Hello & Welcome to my site for "Michaila". I've set up this blog in the style of a website with different pages. To do this I've had to segregate the posts into different months so that I could have a start and finish with different sections of information. To navigate the site just click on the BLOG ARCHIVE drop-down box. Although most information associated with "Michaila" can be found in this blog, I have also placed PDF documents & more photo's online. They can be found using the links on the right hand side of the page for Photobucket and Scrib...

My Beneteau First 35 'Michaila' has been in my ownership for the past eleven years. Over those years, a lot of time, love and money has been lavished on her. She's in lovely condition and ready to sail away. If you are interested in knowing more contact me by email, and I'll respond to any questions you may have...

Layout & Owners Impression

I've enclosed some links on the sidebar regarding the original concept of the First 35, so I won't repeat that here. Only to say that at all times, and in all sorts of weather, I've found her to be an incredible sailing boat, and easily sailed short handed. I've sailed her single handed mostly, and never felt that it was bordering on hard work. She's incredibly stiff and stable with a 46% ballast ratio and well able to stand up to her canvas. As good in light winds as heavy, and responsive on the helm. A little research on the web will soon bring up an abundance of satisfied owners and long passages made. Along with the First 30/32 and the First 35, Jean Berret's designs put Beneteau on the map amongst cruiser/racers of the time, and established the company in many ways. It's well known that the early Beneteau's were very well put together, and the GRP lay-up was substantial.

The First 35 is a very big thirty-five footer. There is an amazing amount of volume down below that is more than adequate for family cruising or longer term liveaboard, and the two double cabins aft are a real boon. With a good sea-manlike galley and an excellent navigation area, when you go down below you know you've stepped onto a real sailing boat. As for the saloon, I've had eight people around the saloon table on occasions, so she'll stand populating.



The bottom galley photo shows the old cool-box lid still in place. I've since completely modified the box and lid, see first photo. I've decreased the size of the box (it was far too large) added 50mm insulation and a new lid. It is now very efficient, both on battery usage and it's ability to stay chilled for longer.

Navigation Area

If there's one thing I really love about this boat it's the Nav Area. The table is full size with bags of chart stowage under the lid. All instruments are easy to get at and view, plus it's a comfortable and safe place to be in a seaway. Note { The Lowrance Plotter is linked to the Autohelm ST6000 head and the Nasa AIS unit, and the Garmin 128 GPS is linked to the VHF Radio for position read-outs.