"Michaila" AVS Measurement Plan

Technical Specs based on True/Actual Waterline above keel : 2.35'

Ballast Ratio : 46%
Angle of Vanishing Stability : 136.85
Displacement to Length Ratio : 195.34
Sail Area Displacement Ratio : 18.52
Motion Comfort Ratio : 187.66
Theoretical Hull Speed : 7.95 knots

I've included these because yacht stability is a subject that's always interested me. If you search the Internet for the subject you will find a wealth of information and formulas on yacht stability. AVS is the Angle of Vanishing Stability, ie : when a yacht has reached the critical angle of capsize, turning turtle. The argument centers of course around vessels that are deemed safer than others to cross open oceans, and run the risk of encountering severe conditions and breaking waves. Would I sail oceans in "Michaila"? most certainly. Although not an ocean, I have crossed Biscay in her on five occasions now, and on one of those trips experienced heavy weather with big confused seas. I was caught out by a very fast moving deep depression and took quite hammering, but we came out of it ok.

The story by Michel Goldstein on the URL below gives a good account of what modern yachts can take. He was caught out by a vicious storm while on passage to Bermuda in his First 35, and learned later that that storm produced hurricane force winds in excess of 110 knots, and waves over 60 feet. He also found out that a container ship broke up in the vicinity that he was anchored by his parachute drogue.